Installation - Prefinished Flooring

Prefinished flooring is exactly that, it comes from the factory already finished and ready to install. To begin installing all we need is a clean, smooth and dry subfloor. Prefinished flooring has the following advantages:

  • Quickest install (we can lay 750 sq. ft. in a day).
  • Very little dust and debris, if any.
  • No smell caused by the finish.
  • Comparable in price to a regular hardwood floor installation.
  • Has the same life span as regular flooring.
  • More convenient for the homeowner as it can be used immediately after installation.
  • Approximately 20% of our installs are with prefinished flooring.

Finishing - Hardwood Flooring

Generally, finishing a hardwood floor takes three coats applied over a period of three days, however, if humidity levels are high, it could take an additional day to complete the process.

After the floors are sanded and cleaned, we apply the first coat of either stain or polyurethane (depending upon the desired finish). We allow the coat to dry over night and when it is sufficiently hard, we lightly sand the coat with a fine grit sandpaper (100 – 120 grit) to knockdown the grain, and to create a surface that will allow the next coat to adhere properly. The second coat of polyurethane is applied and allowed to dry overnight. The process is continued until all three coats have been applied leaving a beautiful hardwood floor that will last for years.

Finishing - Hardwood Flooring


Oil based: 90% of the finishing jobs use an oil base poly, which has a light honey patina that adds to the beauty of the wood and brings out the natural woodgrain patterns.

Water Based: Usually a clear finish that enhances the beauty of the grain without adding any color. Water based is used in situations where a light colored wood needs to meld into the decorating scheme of the room.


Our high quality stains come in a variety of shades and patinas. They are designed to penetrate and seal the wood, while adding luxurious color. A coat of stain takes the place of a polyurethane coat. Example: one coat of stain with two coats of polyurethane is needed to complete a finishing job. A natural finish takes three coats of polyurethane with no stain coat.


We typically inspect the site to determine exactly what needs to be done, and help build an accurate estimate. Some of the variables we look for are:

  • A dry, smooth subfloor. If necessary it will be sanded and cleaned thoroughly.
  • A suitable subfloor that is at least 3/4″ thick.
  • Carpet board and waffle board must be removed.
  • Desired type of wood, finish and grain pattern. Samples are provided.

Dustless Sanding - Hardwood Flooring

Dustless sanding of an existing wood floor usually consists of (2 – 4) passes. Each pass is done with a different grit of sand paper, with a final pass using a very fine 100 – 120 grit, depending on the type of wood being sanded. We stock sandpapers with grits of: 16, 24, 36, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120. The lower the number, the coarser the grit. Our professional refinishers select the proper combination of sandpapers needed for the job.

Installation - Hardwood Flooring

The installation of hardwood floors requires the same subfloor preparation as with prefinished flooring. The only difference is that sanding and finishing are required. We also offer a “Sanding Only” option where the homeowner is responsible for the finishing.

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  1. Limin says:

    Erick and his crew did a fantastic job at my place, and they are so professional, courteous throughout the job!! They left the floor spotless, fully vacuumed, and cleaned up everything.

    we are so happy with the finish, color, all the details, I can’t be happier with the work his crew did. They did such an impressive job that I am asking them come back soon for another project

  2. Sharon Smotherman says:

    We recently had Eric and his crew out to install new hardwood floors in the upstairs bedrooms and refinish all the hardwood floors on the main level of our home. Three years ago, he installed hardwoods in our bonus room (and stairs) and our den. Because of the quality of their work and their work ethic, we didn’t think twice about calling them back for a second time. Eric is very friendly, honest, knowledgeable and responsive. He and his crew show up on time ready to work. They are very considerate, respectful and thoroughly clean up and the end of each day. I highly recommend them!

  3. Travis Epperson says:

    Eric and his team did an amazing job on our house. It is like we have a new home. They did our floors and also our handrails on two sets of stairs. His team was detailed and hand scraped all of the handrails with great care. Great job

  4. Amy Ross says:

    May 25, 2021
    Eric and his crew recently refinished my hardwood floors. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. He was always accessible through phone, texts or
    Email. They were on time each day they were at my house. Eric allowed me to choose the exact color I wanted by mixing colors. The crew was friendly and cleaned up well at the end of the day. I am very happy with the finished floors and will highly recommend Rios Hardwood to everyone.

  5. Ken and Karen Melde says:

    We recently had Eric and his team sand our wood floors, stain them a darker color, and top them with a satin finish.

    They were originally supposed to start about 2 weeks after the Covid close-down. Eric called to explain that for the safety of his crew, his family and us, he was going to reschedule us until it was safe to do us. I thought that was a really classy touch on his part.

    He worked with me, putting down 6 different colors on my newly sanded, white pine floors. I ended up dragging in 5 neighbors to help in the decision making process. The floors look amazing.

    I went with a darker brownish color that was custom mixed. I have 2 pages of notes from answers to questions on how to care for the floors!

    He uses only Bona oil based products, which are a much higher quality than typical finishers use.

    He said his system was dustless, and I thought, ‘yeah right’. It really was! He still used plastic sheeting at the top of the front and back stairs. I put rolled up towels in front of each door. No dust at all in the bedrooms.

    His crew was friendly, hard-working, and cleaned up at the end of each day. I read where someone commented on the fact that Eric answers the phone when you call! The first time I called, I thought I was talking to an answering machine, because, honestly, who ever gets a contractor on the phone!!

    Great work, great price. Can’t say enough good about Eric and his company.

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